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Dandy Horse Bicycle Repair Opens In Northeast Minneapolis

7/15/2019 - Dandy Horse Bicycle Repair has opened in northeast Minneapolis!

Dandy Horse is a bike shop with a simple mission: to keep bikes rolling. We will service any bike from any brand – no matter if you got it at Walmart or a pro shop. Buying a bike online? Have it shipped to us and we’ll assemble it! While we focus on bike repair and bike assembly, we have the essential gear all cyclists need to keep rolling.

“Cyclists have a lot of choices for where they can buy a bike. Big box stores. Bike shops. Online. Craigslist. But many of those options won’t help with assembly nor repair,” said Jason Richardson, the Dandy Horse Bicycle Repair managing partner. “At Dandy Horse, we don’t care where you bought your bike. We just want to help you get it rolling!”

The shop is located on Hennepin next to Kamarczuk’s between University Ave NE and 2nd St NE at 207 E Hennepin Ave.

And the name? “We thought Dandy Horse was the perfect name for our shop. It’s fun and unpretentious – a lot like our shop,” added Richardson.

The name Dandy Horse comes from the history of the bicycle. Also known as the ‘hobby-horse,’ it had two wheels and handlebars, but no pedals or gears. The rider’s feet would be on the ground to propel the rider. A ‘dandy horse’ is like a balance bike that many young kids use to learn to bike today.

Dandy Horse offers a full range of bicycle repair services for any bike brand. We assemble bikes. We also sell essential bike gear such as helmets, locks, lights, fenders, pumps, water bottles and nutrition. If it is a cycling necessity, Dandy Horse has it.

Buy your bike online and ship it to Dandy Horse to get assembled. We partner with a number of online bike brands including Giant, Haibike Electric Bikes, IZip Electric Bikes, Orbea, Raleigh & Raleigh Electric Bikes, Redline, Pure Cycles, and more.

“We are so excited to be in northeast Minneapolis,” said Richardson. “There is an amazing cycling community in the area. We are eager to offer cyclists a bike shop focused on repair and bike assembly.”

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